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16 Days
Easter in Cyprus
Easter in Cyprus

I spent two weeks mainly traveling around the Greek side of Cyprus with a friend and her mother. ...

Kayli Olson

Beautiful coast with lots to see and do. We went to the Mosaics (again students are free) and wandered around Paphos (AKA Pafos). We didn't do a boat tour but there are regular tours everyday from a lot of boats. Got a free Segway ride for a couple minutes.
Alanya is a famous for extraordinary sunny shores, numerous fish restaurants, clubs and bars. It’s as prevalent with the locals as it is with tourists. There’s bounty to see and purchase from the neighborhood workmanship shops, and the storehouses are well worth a visit.

About Pano Lefkara

Same day as the camel park, we drove into the mountains. We took the scenic route and got lost in some villages but ultimately made it to the silver village of Pano Leftkara. They handmake silver necklaces and lace gifts. Prices can be bargained. They are all very persuasive to get you into their stores. Learn to say no here, cus you'll use it a lot. There is no simple wandering in these villages, they want tourists and love to talk.
Pano Lefkara

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