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This trip was originally published on travelfreak Pantanal was the last stop on our Brazilian vacation, after Rio de Janeiro and Fernando de Noronha...

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at the confluence of river Parana...

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Top Places To Visit 3 Spots

Iguazu Falls

Enjoy your early morning flight to the Iguazu Falls and spend the day exploring the falls and the surrounding rivers and jungle. The park consists of various trails that take you through the jungle onto wooden walkways built a few meters above the jungle floor and the waterways, allowing for spectacular views. Be ready for some adventure in the afternoon, as you take to the waters to navigate the falls on a motor boat, heading through the rapids into the Devil's Throat Canyon. Day 2 has a half-day private tour of the Brazilian side of the National Park for a panoramic view of Devil's Throat Gorge. At over 80 meters high, this is the most powerful and impressive waterfall of them all.
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Venus Cafe

We decided to make a stop at the Venus Cafe, a beautiful spot located next to the Bhagsu waterfall, where we rejuvenated ourselves with a cup of hot steaming tea.
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