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I have many readers sending emails and friends asking about Santorini....

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Day 6: Spend the day at Perissa beach!...

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Περίσσα, ΣΑΝΤΟΡΙΝΗ 847 03, Greece
We took a ferry (5 hours) from Pieras (Athens) to Santorini. Upon reaching there you would be greeted by so many people trying to "help" you to get to your hotel or hostels unless they sent a transportation for you. I would recommend to go for this American guy who happened to tear his ticket back to US and settled down in Santorini since 6years. You'll easily catch him because he's the only one with accent. Such a sweet and helping guy. We stayed at Perrissa beach which is the black sand beach. Which meant going to beach all the time! I mean when everyone's asleep, taking one of my friend and sitting by the beach listening to those waves, talking about everything under the stars while drinking some red wine. We had limited time with us and we couldn't cover up all the things there because it was a last minute trip. Whatever it was, we had a great time at Santorini, everything is worth it. It's NOT over hyped. This trip to Santorini will always be close to my heart. Maybe because it was the first time of many things which happened there or maybe it was the company I was with. I am a person who enjoys traveling solo, but those people made me feel traveling with others ain't that bad. We talked about so much stuff, shared things which we only talked within ourselves, understood how different people are, my friends stood there when I puked in front of a children's park from last night's hungover, we shared our love for those sandwich ice cream, realized how we all are similar even if there's an ethnicity dividing us. We're humans after all. Oh and the fun part was when our cab driver asked where were we from, my friend answered, "all around the world". I'm glad I made such amazing friends on my semester exchange who I could spend my special moments with. I wish everyone gets to go to Santorini someday. Everyone deserves that happiness, and that feeling when you see the sunset in Oia. That is everything. I want you to enjoy Santorini through my lens, see what is it that I'm talking about.
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Greece, Perissa 847 03, Greece
Day 6: Spend the day at Perissa beach! Akrotiri is a good base to explore the pretty beaches of Santorini-Red Beach, While Beach, Black beach (Perissa beach) and Perivolos. We used the good old KTEL bus but you can always hire a car. While in Santorini, its a good idea to explore one of the traditional villages like Emporio, Pyrgos, Megalochori etc. We explored Emporio and loved its bougainvillea laded houses with blue doors and grape vines with bunches of juicy grapes.
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About Perissa

This day was around beaches. We headed to Perissa beach first. It was a direct route. Water was so clear and so blue. We did jet skiing there. Men here were so fit . Greek men proverb doesnt come just like that. For next two hours, we were in beach enjoying blue waters. We walked along the beach till end. At the end was a stone with some clear water near. I put my feet and some fishes pedicured me. It was all magical. By the way beach was black sand beach.

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