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I’ll admit, I didn’t really want to go to Quito. I was in total beach mode and didn’t see the appeal of high rise buildings, fast-paced life...

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Quito is one place in the world where you can eat more and weigh less! Surprised, I was too! Quito lies on the equator, where the effect of earth’s...

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Top Places To Visit 10 Spots

Middle of the World

About 20 minutes bus ride from the Quito downtown is the Equator line. Did you know that you can rest a raw egg on a nail on the Equator line. Shocker!! Are you trying to lose weight : visit the equator and weigh up to a kg less. Oh! and my favorite was the water draining a sink – did you know water drains in a clockwise whirlpool in the northern hemisphere and anticlockwise whirlpool in the southern hemisphere. But at the equator, because there is no effect of the magnetic field from the poles, the water drains straight off, without any whirlpool! If you visit the Mitad del a Mundo, do not forget to visit the ACTUAL equator line 300 m away. How to reach: Take the metro bus to “OFELIA” bus terminal. From Ofelia, take the bus to ” Mitad del Mundo” which will let you off right across the street from the landmark! Don’t forget to ask the bus conductor to communicate to you, when you reach the destination.
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Malacatos is a 15 minute drive from Vilcabamba, on the way to Loja. It is a larger town than Vilcabamba. More and more gringos have been moving from Vilcabamba to Malacatos because it is cheaper and warmer there. We know of two gringos kids who go to the local school in Malacatos. Their parents say that the school is good. It does feel nice in Malacatos. It is definitely an option if someone does not want to be in Loja or Vilcabamba, the first one being too cold, the second one being to expensive. After a fun time here, time to go back home.
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