Pisco Tourism & Travel Guide

8 Days
Trekking through Santa Cruz, Peru

When it comes to travelling to Peru, people tend to make a beeline for Macchu Pichu, often overlo...

Peruvian Mountains Trek Climb
Peru beyond Machu Picchu!

Peru beyond Machu Picchu!“It took my breath away. What could this place be? Why had no one given ...

Sarah Poulose
10 Things That You Can Do In Peru, Besides Machu Pichu

I sat there waiting for the curtain of mist to draw away, so I could get that one picture of the ...

Neha Bhuchar
What you need to know before traveling to Peru?

I have a short attention span and find it difficult to read big blogs. In order for people like m...

Lemuel Dsouza
1 Day
Peruvian Odyssey: Journey to the navel of the earth

The Incas considered this city the navel of the world; the Spanish conquistadors described it as ...

Ipshita Chakraborty

Community Museum
Av. Amazonas con la Av. Federico Zamalloa s/n, Pisco
Plaza de Armas
Calle San Juan de Dios, Pisco
Petroglifos de Fuente de Oro Huancano
Pisco Caserio Fuente de Oro, Pisco 056

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