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The mining city of San Luis Potosí in Mexico was named after Potosí in Bolivia and also in the United States, the name Potosí was optimistically given to mining towns in Wisconsin, Missouri and Nevada....

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Salvador Dalí Desert, also known as Dalí Valley (Valle de Dalí), is an extremely barren valley of SW Bolivia, in the Potosi Department That end the 3 days of tour!...

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Top Places To Visit 2 Spots

Isla del Pescado

Rising suddenly out of the Salar De Uyuni is this small Spanish-named island. The island is beautiful but shrouded in much mystery. Like where does the name come from. Pescado meaning fish in Spanish, some say it was named so since it looks like fish from afar. Another name given is Incahuasi, meaning Inca house due to some historical connection to the Inca empire. Anyway, this is one of the little and secluded spots of Bolivia with some excellent view.
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Laguna Colorada

We took a three day trip around the Bolivian plateau and discovered various hidden gems. The Laguna Colorada was one such gem. This shallow salt water lake is on the border of Chile and is home to the a number of Flamingos. A part of the Ramsar wetlands, the waters are reddish coloured due to the red sediments. The colour of the lake changes to a brighter red during the course of the day.
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