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Before travellers stumbled upon Dahab in the 1990s, it was a low-key, isolated coastal town inhabited by a few local families....

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It was dark when I arrived at the Coral Coast Hotel in sleepy Dahab on Egypt’s Sinai peninsula....

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Sinai Peninsula, Qesm Nwebaa, South Sinai, Egypt
F. Ferry your derriere across the Red sea into Sharm El Sheikh: Take a ferry to the other side of the Sinai peninsula. Vanilla speak, Sharm is a snobbier cousin of Hurghada with more upscale people, eateries and hotels.G. Hike up Mount Sinai: Next up, hike your way up Mount Sinai, where the Moses delivered the ten commandments. H. Scuba down the gorgeous Dolphin Reef: Red sea is one of the coolest diving sites in the world and we have been saving our gear for here! If you can spare two days, earn your PADI here at a WW II ship wreak… do it in style!
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Taba, Makadi Bay, Sahl Hashesh, Taba

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One the world’s most ‘hipster’ cities with a wave of bars, luxury hotels, gourmet restaurants, boutique stores, and lively nightclubs, Tel Aviv is unlike its Middle-Eastern neighbors. Blessed with breezy Mediterranean weather, the beaches are exactly what you need on a city break. Swim the warm waters, lay on the soft sand, and walk along the coast from one beach to the next, while stopping for a quick cocktail or a mezze-style meal at one of the many restaurants that dot the area. In Tel Aviv, people are most likely to check out what you’re wearing. The city is home to a thriving fashion scene spearheaded by top designers.Best weather is May-June for beaching.

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Although there was bountiful snorkelling near the beach, we went on a great boat trip to Ras Mohamed National Park. The snorkelling guide was brilliant; he gave every one a life vest and kept a close watch on all the swimmers whilst taking time to dive down and point out interesting fish and types of coral. He even took us to a shipwreck. The water was so clear it was easy to see the cargo laying in all its' glory on the seabed - I never thought that toilet basins would be so enchanting.
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