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It was dark when I arrived at the Coral Coast Hotel in sleepy Dahab on Egypt’s Sinai peninsula.  A quiet, too chilly night in February.  I sat...

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Egypt is one country that has, right from the time we opened our history textbooks to the fabled land of Tutankhamun, Nefertiti and the Sun God Ra...

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Sinai Peninsula

As is the Bedouin way there were cushions and blankets and tea and the utmost comfort to be had in this deserted remote area. All was quiet apart from the sound of the sea and the soft Arabic chatter of the men as they ate their meal of crabs caught in the cove with tomatoes and onions.
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Although there was bountiful snorkelling near the beach, we went on a great boat trip to Ras Mohamed National Park. The snorkelling guide was brilliant; he gave every one a life vest and kept a close watch on all the swimmers whilst taking time to dive down and point out interesting fish and types of coral. He even took us to a shipwreck. The water was so clear it was easy to see the cargo laying in all its' glory on the seabed - I never thought that toilet basins would be so enchanting.
Qesm Nwebaa

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