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Primarily a university town, Rajshahi is a bustling little town that has much to do and see. Lying on the banks of River Padma, the Indian border is only 2 km away and it's quite a sight to see the swiftly flowing River Ganga. The Puthia Temple complex is a delight to explore and though the temple structure is a little scattered, the main temple will delight history lovers and art fanatics. Mahasthangarh is another lovely spot though it's a little tricky to reach. The place is a little mismanaged but it's still worth a visit. Kantajew temple is definitely another popular spot in Rajshahi. This rich historical site is a must visit for those who enjoy a peek into the past. The rich terracotta work in the temple is a delight to explore and the intricate work is fascinating. Among other places to visit, Ghoramara and Shrine of Hazrat Shah Makhdum definitely deserve a visit. There are several hotels and resorts here in Rajshahi and you won't have a problem finding a suitable place to stay.

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