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Rackcham is separated from the other villages of Chitkul and Batseri and happens to have its own dialect as well that is not understood anywhere else in the entire region. Houses here are built of wood and they look stunning and have an ‘old world’ charm. Rakcham lies to the right side of the Baspa River and is a place that offers one a number of wonderful picnic spots. One would definitely have to pay a visit to this place and cross the glacier before the month of July. Tall trees, meandering pathways and a serene atmosphere is what describes the village of Rakcham best.
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Villages like Kalpa, Rakchham, are true scenic gems to the Kinnaur district....

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. · Depart for Sangla @ 11 am, Arrive (240Kms 6 Hours) · Dinner & Overnight Stay at Sangla 15th Aug 2015 · Start for Rakchham by 7am & leisure travel · Start to experience the difference in the terrain & culture · The valleys offer amazing photo opportunity · We will do a nature walk for acclimatization in the evening · Retire for the night @ Rakchham
(180Kms & 7 Hours travel) 16th Aug 2015 · Local visit @ Rakchham · Visit Chitkul – the last village on Indo-china border · Enjoy some of the most scenic spots on the way · Retire for the day @ Kalpa (Leisure day) 17th Aug 2015 · Start for Tabo after breakfast · You will suddenly feel the difference between the terrains that you were in to the desert that starts to welcome you · Visit Nako village before reaching Tabo, Walk through the Tabo village, Interact with locals · Retire for the night at Tabo (160 kms & 5 Hours) 18th Aug 2015 · Visit the local Monastery · Start for Komic village - Watch the colors & shades of nature in its true form, the terrain with its colors of the land, water showcase a different world in itself · Retire for the night at Komic(Leisure Travel 50kms) 19th Aug 2015 · We will move towards the Ki Gompa, One of the celebrated monasteries in the Spiti valley · Visit Kibber & Retire at Losar 20th Aug 2015 · Enjoy the scenic ride through Kunzum pass to reach – Chandratal which is considered to be the second most sacred lakes in Hindu mythology after Kailash mansarovar. · You will witness the Saptarishi hills, Hills carved in the shape of Meditating Saints standing 1000feet tall each. · Camp by the lake – Chandratal 21th Aug 2015 · Wake up early to witness the sunrise & shades of the tal · Walk around the lake, soak in the atmosphere & the colors · Start for Manali on a leisure drive along the river · Halt for a chai+lunch with Mr&Mrs.Dorji – at Batal · Arrive at Manali – Relax & retire for the night 22nd Aug 2015 · Enjoy the local sight seeing & market visit · Full day is available for Manali Visit · Take a night bus to your destination 23rd Aug 2015 · Reach Chandigarh in the morning by 5Am & depart for your respective locations....

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Rakchham, Himachal Pradesh 172107, India
Before entering the Sangla valley one passes the village of Rakcham . Situated on the confluence of Baspa river and the Mighty Sutlej , this place is relatively unknown to many and is covered with mesmerising landscapes . After a short tea break here , We were good to go for the final 2 hours of our journey.
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