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Castelo Branco is one of the nicest urban optica from Portuguese cities. ...

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The sultry beaches can parallel those of Rio, the sprawling museums can match those of Lucknow, and the mystical temples can be compared with the chapels of the Vatican – the islands are a potpourri of experiences you will never have ha...

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About Castelo Branco

Afterwards, you will visit Castelo de Vide, known as "Sintra of Alentejo" for its charm and splendor, one of the most romantic locations in the Alentejo region. During lunch, you will taste the typical Alentejo sweet; sericaia with plum, with an abundant use of eggs and cinnamon. Some say that sericaia came from India and others from Brazil – what is known for sure is that this recipe was implemented in Alentejo by the skilled hands of the nuns of Elvas and Vila Viçosa convents, both claiming the rights of importation. Some gave the name Sericaia and others Serica, being that the tradition is more linked to Elvas, where the sweet is decorated with the famous plums of the region.

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Best time to visit Castelo Branco is from March to September
Castelo Branco


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