Rosenheim Tourism & Travel Guide

70 Days
I Left My Heart in Munich

“We travel because we need to, because distance and difference are the secret tonic to creativity...

Richi Malhotra
Living the white dream in the Bavarian alps of Germany :)

I don't have as much as a word to describe what it felt like to be strutting across widespread fi...

Mahalakshmi Venkatesh

Ludwigsplatz, Rosenheim, Bavaria
Asta Kneipe
Hubertusstr. 1, 83022 Rosenheim, Bavaria
Tatis Rosenheim
Ruedorffer Strasse 5, 83022 Rosenheim, Bavaria
Alte Spinnerei
An Der Alten Spinnerei 5, 83059 kolbermoor Kolbermoor, Bavaria
Wuid Club Rosenheim
Adlzreiterstrasse 11, 83022 Rosenheim, Bavaria
Kaiserstrasse 18, 83022 Rosenheim, Bavaria

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