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I had so many doubts before going to Vietnam regarding the food, language, people and weather....

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Boats along the Hoi An riverside Caravelle Hotel, Saigon Floating Villages Fusion Maia, Da Nang Ha Long Bay Ha Long Bay Hanoi Streets Ho Chi Minh City Ho Chi Minh City Hoi An Nights Vietnam Streets Old Quarter, Hanoi Phu Quoc Saigon Center Saigon Old Corner Sofitel Metropole, Hanoi Sunset Solitude Sunset, Ha Long Bay The Chen Sea Resort, Phu Quoc Over the West Lake, Hanoi To cover such a vast country in 10 days, yet feel like you’ve done more than just scratch the surface, is definitely ambitious....

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Hoi An
Late evening, we cycled to the Hoi An Ancient town to check out the Night Market. The old town is simply enchanting with its timber frame yellow buildings. A river passes through the town and there are beautifully lit up houses/cafes on both sides of the river. The Night Market was mostly selling souvenirs, and jewelry. There was a row of shops selling silk lanterns that Hoi An is famous for. The whole atmosphere feels magical.We then had dinner in one of the restaurants along the river. We gave some complex instructions to the waiter about how to prepare our food. He thankfully followed them to the t and for a change we enjoyed spicy yummy veg food.Day 7: Hoi An
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Hoi An
After resting for some time at the hotel, we took a cab to An Bang Beach, about 5km from Hoi An. It seemed like everyone in Hoi An has descended there. Considering the low season and how small the town is had not expected to see such huge crowds. It is a mystery how the beach was still so clean. Unless you are really keen on beaches, would recommend tourists to avoid An Bang.
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About Hoi An Ancient Town

Feb 13: Day 4: Hoi AnIn the morning, he came out with me, got me a taxi and waved bye-bye. I reached the station in some 40,000 VND. I slept till 9 in the train. Even this route is scenic. I had booked a soft seat again. (Oh, I had pre-booked my train tickets from I reached Da Nang and found a Xe Om guy. He offered me to take to Hoi An for 1,50,000 VND. I had read earlier that 8$ would be a fair rate. So this was a fair rate. Hoi An was quite far than I had expected. Took around 40 min on that bike to reach my homestay.I had booked Chau Plus Homestay. This is a bit far (1 - 1.5 km) from the ancient town, but no worries. Free bicycles! There are many many other homestays near by. All provide free bicycles. The place is real good.I roamed Hoi An for more than 4 hours in the evening. The lanterns were everywhere. Its super cool. Many things to try (eat) at night market. You will see a lot.. a lot of Japanese people here.. Probably because of the Japanese bridge and the associated temple.

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Best time to visit Hoi An Ancient Town is from November to March
Hoi An Ancient Town

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