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We boarded an outbound train from the Taipei main station to Ruifang District, about a 40-minute trip....

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Top Places To Visit in Ruifang District 50 Spots

Jishan Street, Ruifang District, Xinbei
Jiufen-Shifen is a must go area if it is your first time to Taiwan or have not visited the area before. It’s a bustling winding streets that houses truckloads of local specialties and souvenirs. It is also renown for their Peanut Ice Cream, Ah Ma Taro Balls and their handmade Meatballs. Once you’re done with the food and souvenirs shopping, you can head down to the -
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Ruifang District, New Taipei City, Taiwan 224

About Ruifang District

To get to Tamsui :Board the MRT that has a green sign to Tamsui Or else, you can board the MRT with red sign to Beitou, alight at Qiyan, then wait for another MRT that goes to Tamsui(Because on the redline, there are two destinations, which are Tamsui and Beitou) Then, we continue our journey to Fisherman Wharf, or many people say the Love Bridge To get here :

Best Time To Visit Ruifang District

Best time to visit Ruifang District is February and from April to September
Ruifang District

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