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Sometimes walking across a place is a better experience than just simply touring it....

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After three decades of existence on mother earth, you've had your share of joy and sorrows, you've hit all the wicked curve balls outta the park, you turn into a bit of a philosopher....

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About Saint Bathans

From the lush green landscapes to an old town. Saint Bathans is a cultural treat. This town is over 150 years old dating its existence back to the Gold Rush of 1870. This small mining town is not very populated and thus isn’t like one of the noisy little places. The surroundings are peaceful and mostly it gives a feeling of an old abandoned place in the middle of a breath-taking landscape. Many of it’s old buildings are preserved which gives this whole place a historic feel. The Blue Lake is one of the features this place is popular for. This man-made lake is surrounded by picturesque ruins of old structures. The Vulcan Hotel is another. If locals are to be believed, this hotel is haunted by “the lady of the night.”

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Best time to visit Saint Bathans is from January to April
Saint Bathans

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