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Saint Lucia is one beautiful... Saint Lucia is to take... perfect! Saint Lucia...

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and sunset. Mont Saint Michel...

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Mahoe Villa

I’m pretty much a budget traveler and refuse to spend hotel prices, so when I was in a bind I called one of my best rasta friends in a panic and said “hook me up!!”. This is where he brought me and although it’s more expensive than what I usually pay, it’s still dirt cheap. My overall opinion of this place, pretty good depending on your travel style. It was fairly clean, very quiet, and people basically leave you alone here. I thought it was secure too because we had a lot of audio gear, video cameras and a laptop with us and everything remained intact. Actually that’s probably because they never came in to make up our room once. I guess you have to make your own bed. Location is nice (Shaw Park Rd) and it’s not more than a 15 minute walk to the center of town. There’s a little bar and a supermarket about a 5 minute walk as well.
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Saint Catherine

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