Salatiga Tourism & Travel Guide

Havana Horses
Jalan Sakinah Tegalwaton, Kec. Tengaran, Salatiga 50775
Taman Wisata Kopeng
Jl. Raya Salatiga-Magelang KM. 15, Kopeng, Getasan, Salatiga
Kali Pancur Waterfall
Nogosaren Village, near Kopeng, Semarang Regency, Salatiga

Surabaya means – The courage to face the any danger or any difficulties. This spirit makes the city what it is today. Wi...
(One usually does not find a lot of information on Mount Semeru on the internet and one reason I chose to write this blo...
Lots of wild beaches, small islands. If you were ever interested to live on an uninhabited island, then this is the rig...
As we were walking along the road, I could hear a stereo playing bollywood songs from the 90s with heavy beats. I stopp...

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