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San Pedro de Atacama Church

In the vast Atacama Desert lies the interesting little town of San Pedro De Atacama. The church here is one of the most interesting churches I’ve ever seen. We are not sure about the exact year of its construction, but since 1641 it has served as a parish and it was declared a National Monument in 1951. The white walls are made of adobe and the ceiling of clay, locust tree, Chañar tree and cactus wood. I really enjoyed this church, it has some magic. Like from a different world! On the 28th and 29th June the celebration of the patrons of the town, Saint Peter and Saint Paul, takes place in the church.
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Salar de Atacama

Salar de Atacama – Atacama Salt Flat at 2,300 m above sea level has a surface of approx. 320,000 hectares. The salt crystals are produced by the underground water evaporation by heavy saline load. The water comes from the Andes. Salar consists of different salt crusts, such as plane dry sulfate crusts, up to 70 cm high chloride tough crusts, chloride polygonal structures and even charcoal stones. Salar de Atacama is different from any other salt flat in the world. It is not just made out of salt crusts, but it also has some vegetation and diverse fauna and flora.
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San Pedro de Atacama


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