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Sanapur Sanapur is a small village 7 kms from Anegundi, and 40 kms from Hampi....

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Important sites at and near Hampi Lake (Near Sanapur) Virupapura Gaddi Bhima's Gate Architectural ruins....

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Hampi Bazaar St, Karnataka, India
This is a restaurant in Hampi which seems to be completely under the shade of a large mango tree from where it derives its name. Eating over here is absolute value for money. They mainly serve Indian food but also make pizzas and other foreign dishes. The decor of this small restaurant is worth a mention. They have all sorts of masks and deity paintings on the walls. The seating arrangement is small and not many people can fit in at the same time. This is also an advantage since you can eat properly in this way. The stuffed capsicum curry and the thalis are special mentions over here. The servers are very prompt and efficient and the ambience is really good too.
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For me, the Hippie Town was a more attractive option, and Buddha Café is the place to satiate your taste buds. Located on the bank of the Tungabhadra, this little café serves everything from Israeli cuisine to Spanish and Mexican, and of course, the Desi-dishes!After a hearty lunch, we took a walk around the town, which has little shops and brightly graffiti painted walls.Anegundi was the final destination, located on the Northern banks of the river, which was the kingdom of the Monkey-King Sugriva, according to the Ramayana. The Anegundi Fort, turned to ruins, still stands there. Although Hampi sees thousands of visitors each year, not many comes to Anegundi, and the villagers here seem to be quite happy and peaceful in their near-secluded lives.

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