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This was the 16 th edition of this festival held every year at theSarawak cultural Village in Santubong village in Kuching...

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Malaysia is truly a one-stop holiday destination....

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Semengoh Forest Reserve Malaysia

The Semengoh Wildlife Reserve is a twelve mile drive from Kuching and well worth the trip, Borneo has beautiful beaches in the more touristy destinations of the North, but the attraction for me wasnt sun, sea and sand. I joined a couple of tours arranged by the Bermibeh Travellers lodge (Ewe Hai Street) . They started early, and not being much of a morning person I skipped breakfast, but this was offered to me gratis by the great people at the Bermimbeh hostel while I waited for the vehicle. On the first trip I didnt see any of these fantastic creatures, just lots of gruesome photos of the damage they could do to you if you do see them and let them get too close. ‘If an orangutan touches you, you always go to hospital’, our guide as the reserve told us. These orangutans are being rehabilitated into the wild and if they don't need to come to take the food laid out for them, it’s a good sign, they are doing well. They are orphaned or injured or have previously been kept as illegal pets and the aim is not to tame them but to help them as they fend for themselves. On my first visit we waited and waited quietly (and as usual in a group of people, some not so quietly) in the woods but they didn't come.
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Semenggoh Wildlife centre Siburan Sarawak Malaysia

"Simply delightful" We were told several times before walking down to view the orangs, that their sighting is rare. This is a good thing, as it means that they are less dependent on us for their food and survival and they are managing on their own. But I couldn't help hoping we will see at least one. We were so disappointed in the morning as we waited for 35 minutes and there was no sign of them. My husband was thoroughly disappointed and we decided to cancel evening plans and come back for the evening feed. The ticket is valid for the whole day so you don't have to pay twice. In the evening, as we started walking towards the feeding area, it began to rain. And hallelujah, the Orangutans decided to pay us a visit. It's better that you don't take infants as the monkeys sometimes get aggressive and throw things or pee on you while jumping above. Carry an umbrella as it rains off and on. Drink as much water as you can as you get dehydrated quickly. Don't forget to pay the crocodiles a visit and check out the orchid garden with the pitcher plants.
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