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The Yellamma Temple is located in the Belcaum District of Saundatti and is exactly at a [place known as Yellanmmagudda. This temple is one of the very few ancient ones dedicated to Goddess Renuka. The temple is in the Rashtrakuta and chalukya styles and there are a number of sub shrines inside. These shrines are dedicated to Lord Ganesha, Lord Parashurama, Lord Eknath and Lord Siddheshwara. According to legents Renuka was married to Sage Jamadagni who had performed penace and earned the blessings of Anger Gods. Renuka used serve her husband and help him with all his work and worship with a lot of dedication. She gave birth to 5 sons and out of this the youngest one was Parashurama after he got the blessings of Shiva and Parvathi. Everyday Renuka went to the river and bathed there after which she would catch a snake and turn in into a convolution and bring it along with water. One day she lost her concentration while bathing and came back empty handed. This made her husband extremely angry and he cursed her. He ordered the sons to kill their mother. None of the sons except Parashuram agreed and he cut down the head of his mother with his axe. After this the head of Goddess Renuka is said to have multiplied thousands and ten thousands time and this is when people understood that she was no ordinary human being but a goddess.
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