Segovia Tourism & Travel Guide

1 Day
Everything You Need to Know About a Day Trip to Segovia

Segovia is just magical and it should definitely be on the list for anyone visiting Madrid. It is...

Sending Postcards Home
How To Travel Through Spain On Just 50 Euros A Day!

Spain: the land of the siesta, good wine, and tapas. I’ve lived in Spain since 2013, and I can ho...

Amy Copadis
5 Days
Hola España!!! Madrid & Around in 4 Days

Madrid - a city literally buzzing 24*7 with the excitement of camera toting tourists & lively...

Prashant Pundir
Weekend trips from Madrid: Hidden gems of rural Spain

Spain is the ideal vacationing spot for many Brits and Americans, and for good reason. Sure,...

Christina Gmyr
Romancing Europe
Romancing Europe

Written by Shibani Bawa. Picture credits: The Ritz London; Dave and Les Jacobs/GET...

The Enchanted 'hood - Ortigueira, Espasante, A Coruna - Galicia

I love bagpipes. I really, really love bagpipes and the way they echo off the cliffs and such...


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