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8 Days
Fishing Responsibly in Portugal

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Explore Lisboa
Explore Lisboa

  Looks unreal, right?  This is exactly what Lisbon is. This was a cloudy afternoon, n...

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Baia de Setubal
Setubal 2900-634
Convento de Jesus
Rua de Fran Paxeco, Setubal
Design Cafe
Guilherme Gomes Street, Setubal 2900
Parque Urbano de Albarquel
Avenida Jose Mourinho, Setubal 2900-633
Chafariz da Praca Teofilo Braga
Praca Teofilo Braga, O Chafariz da Praca Teofilo Braga, de seu nome inicial Chafariz do Sapal, foi mandado construir em 1697 (segundo incricao na zona posterior), pela Camara de Setubal na Praca do Sapal, actual Praca de Bocage. A agua que vinha dar a este chafariz, era oriunda de uma nascente localizada na Arca d'Agua, em Alferrara, a cerca de 3 km da Praca do Bocage ,e era conduzida pelo Aqueduto dos Arcos. Mais tarde, no seculo XX, o chafariz foi desmontado e instalado na Praca Teofilo Braga, onde esta actualmente, desempenhando funcoes meramente esteticas. Possui a seguinte inscricao: «O Senado da Camara desta notavel e sempre leal vila de Setubal mandou fazer esta obra na era de 1697», Setubal 2900-647
Capela de Nossa Senhora de Troia
Caldeira de Troia junto as Ruinas Romanas, Grandola 7570

These 7 days literally flew away for us. We kept discussing what we’d missed. We wanted to stay each place a little more, but we also wanted to explore more places.You know what we were living with?THE FEAR OF MISSING OUT
At the end of the day, you will be invited to participate in a peddy-paper activity through the streets of Évora. Dinner and accommodation in Pousada de Juventude.
I had the best vacation ever But, I would never go to Portugal again because the cobble stoned narrow streets have me rapt in a daze, And because the the Chapel of Bones, the very well preserved Old Towns and the old “end of the world”, Sagres took me centuries back in time. It was truly mesmerizing to hear the stories of the sailor’s from the locals.I would never go to Portugal again because it is so very difficult to leave the historical Old Towns and Gorgeous Beaches and to bid goodbye to the amazing locals (who are very very hospitable and helpful) and to accept the fact that there is no other place like Portugal,to realize you will miss the awesome beauty and vibes of Algarve.“I would never go back to Portugal because the Homecoming is Awful!!! ” (Although I come back to a place like Amsterdam).
-Because The University Of Coimbra is one of the oldest universities operating. It not only makes Coimbra an ultra-cosmopolitan town but also the one with the youngest population and thus very happening. It has the reputation of hosting some of the biggest student parties globally.
1 | Lisbon + FARO + SevilleOne of my favorite cities in Europe, Lisbon, is bursting with culture, great food, incredibly charming streets -the list goes on and on- there’s so much to see and taste within the city you’ll be hard-pressed to pick your favorites. Not far away, the UNESCO town of Sintra is a beautiful and worthy day trip. Take a 3 hour train south to Faro, in the Algarve region world-renowned for it’s food and positively stunning seaside (ranked with some of the best beaches in the world). Carry on by bus to Seville for an immersion into a world of tapas, sangria and flamenco. Don’t miss Giralda Tower and Plaza de Espana.

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