Seulingen Tourism & Travel Guide

7 Days
Notes from Germany

A typical street in GermanyGermany is diverse and each part has something new and exciting to exp...

Neha Kirpal

Started with Berlin with great train ride from Bremen, Germany. Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp (Oranienburg, Germany)...
Napping in one of the DB trains to Hamburg was a good ride for a long day to explore and know. St. Micheal's Church and ...
Montag: Willkommen to Frankfurt“Gutenmorgen” was the first word I heard as I stepped off the plane at Frankfurt airport....
Cologne: On our way to Amsterdam,we visited Cologne Cathedral. Its a very very tall Gothic Cathedral which took 6 centur...

About Seulingen

Freitag: It's Schützen time!The next three days, there was a festival on in the village. The traditional schützenfest takes place in the village of Seulingen every summer. A three-day celebration, complete with parades, giant wheels, juke boxes, food stalls, family feasts, fanfare, beer and indulgent merry making! The main event, of course, is a target shooting championship. The immense spirit of togetherness noticeably heightens during this time.

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