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Bestay Hotel Express, Shenhe, Shenyang, Liaoning, China, 110000
How could I leave Beijing without having the Peking duck? The price of a decent Peking duck can be from as cheap CNY88 to CNY300. Some told me to go to Quanjude. But the price was crazy to me. Surveyed a few more, but I decided to go for the one nearest to Bestay hotel. I thought it was a wise choice. The place is fantastic. Beautifully decorated. Clean. Staff looks neat. Waited quite a while. It was worth waiting. Chef sliced the duck in front of us. Pick up the Peking Duck skin + condiments. Roll it up and yummy yummy yummy! It got creative by cutting up the buns in half and sandwiching the duck meat + condiments. Yummy too!
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Siheyuan, 26 He Zuo Jie, Dadong Qu, Shenyang Shi, Liaoning Sheng, China, 110000
Also called Courtyard House, which is the most traditional and expensive house in Beijing because of its limited number and social status.
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