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was a delight. We passed the Shey.... Which is what we did, as also the Shey Palace...

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. Next we went to Shey Palace.... We climbed to the top of Shey Palace... hour.Pic - Shey palace.Pic - Shey... of Shey Palace.Pic - View...

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Top Places To Visit 2 Spots

Shey Palace

Shey Palace had a lovely view and good structures to see with a temple of Lord Buddha. You can see the mud walls’ structures with which the palace is made of and is a common sight in and around Leh.
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Druk White Lotus School

The school got famous after the film 3 idiots was shot here. This was shown as "Rancho's School" in the movie and they still use that name for tourists. The visit to school was a good experience. The school uses some of the amazing technologies to preserve energy. The tour to the school was for free but the interaction with students was strictly prohibited. Would have been nice to interact with a few students.
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About Shey

The old capital of Ladakh, Shey is located in the upper Indus valley in Jammu and Kashmir. It lies on the route between Leh and Hemis Monastery, around 15 km from Leh. Shey Palace, the royal residence of the Ladakh monarchs, is the centre of Buddhism and houses the Shey Monastery. The statue of Lord Buddha erected in the monastery is the second largest statue in Ladakh and covers almost three floors of the monastery – a truly worthwhile sight. The very popular Hindi movie, 3 Idiots, was shot in Shey School and has thus been renamed to Rancho's School. The Sindhu Darshan Festival in Shey is celebrated at a large scale. Celebrated annually on Guru Purnima, this festival aims at projecting the Sindhu River as a symbol of multi-dimensional cultural identity, communal harmony and peaceful co-existence in India.

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