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Singapore has this bucket-list like quality to it. The city-nation's modern skyscrapers and luxury condos force visitors to crane their neck upwards, as the stroll the perfectly paved roads decorated by shining streetlights. Its subways and malls are all the more illustrative of the country's affluence. With a combination of Malay, Indian and Chinese influences, the Garden city is also a cultural hub and the same reflects in its delectable hawker cuisine and the diverse places of worship dotting the city.There is a reason why Singapore is an unmissable destination. Its manic energy, thriving sights and rapid pace are collectively almost too good to be true. The complacent locals are not even an iota of a deterrent. Travellers visit this city with certain hopes and expectations and go back with so much more than they had asked for. It is a place replete with sharp contrasts and still continues to be marvellous. You will fall in love with Singapore, no matter how hard you try not to.As a republic and an island state that is noted for its incorrupt and efficient government, all of the places to visit in Singapore are captivating to the core and this is the perfect city for you to satisfy every consumerist fetish of yours. There's a little bit of Bangkok, a tinge of Mumbai, a sprinkle of Hong Kong and a whole lot of uniqueness.Shop till you drop at Orchard Road, party the night away at Clarke Quay, gorge on bowls of Chicken Rice at Chinatown, explore the futuristic gardens of Marina Bay, cosy up with nature at Jurong and have truckloads of fun at Sentosa, Singapore's fantastic answer to Disneyland.This tropical city is spirited, exciting, joyous, pleasurable and downright unforgettable. So here is a Singapore itinerary to help you live it up in the Lion City for six whole days. Majulah Singapura!Getting Around in SingaporeSingapore has a brilliant system of public transport and with its MRT trains and local buses, you can get anywhere you want. The best idea is to buy an EZ Link Card, a travel card that you can keep topping up in order to travel around the city. It covers both the MRT and the public buses. Additionally, you could easily flag taxis, all of which are thankfully metered.Major international flights from all over the world arrive into and fly out of Singapore's mammoth Changi Airport. Changi, as a matter of fact, is a destination in itself. Make sure you book your air tickets in advance in order to save money.Amazing Things to Do in Singapore

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Best time to visit Singapore is from December to February


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