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It connects Skagway in Alaska and Whitehorse in Yukon Territory, Canada....

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They are absolutely stunning. 6) the Skagway tram or the old brothel restaurant Yes this is actually the option you have to choose from....

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Dockside, 231 2nd Ave Depot, Skagway, AK 9984
Intersection of Main St and 23rd, Skagway, A

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There are two ways to go to Alaska, take a cruise from USA or Canada or either take a plane to an Alaskan city and explore the rest by water transport. The cruise is slower than water transport but it has its own perks. A cruise is an elitist statement and it is a mini vacation with unlimited free food. Going by flight saves time and you get to spend more time on the Alaskan cities. Also, you can plan according to yourself, on the cruise, you will have to do everything according to the itinerary set by the cruise people.

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Yes this is actually the option you have to choose from. The Brothel restaurant used to be an old brothel but it is now only a restaurant. The tram is one of the greatest experiences I have ever had. The tram takes you to the highest point in Alaska where the border is shared between 3 countries. I'd go for the tram

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