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Transport is easy in Sumatra, and flights are cheap....

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Other things to see in Kalimantan: Meratus mountains in South Kalimantan, Dayak Culture in Central and East Kalimantan....

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If you're always fascinated by the marine life and the aquatic animals, then The Underwater World on Sentosa Island is the place for you to go to because if you're lucky enough, you might get yourself a chance to 'Dive-with-the-Sharks', a program where visitors can scuba dive in the large Oceanarium, even if they are not scuba qualified. Qualified scuba divers can also "Dive-with-the-Dugong". Also, not to be missed is the 'Song of Seas' show, which has a live cast and an open air viewing gallery for a show put up by featuring pyrotechnic displays, water jets, laser show and flame bursts.
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From meeting Marilyn Monroe, well almost, to going for a Madagascar safari; from fighting a transformers battle in their jet, to the dragon ride, every experience was a new and rejuvenating one. Clearly The Universal Studio was the best and most adventurous part of Singapore.
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About Sumatra

MAY: Slide to the west part of Sumatera Island Tanah Datar Tanah Datar county in Minang region of West Sumatera province have Cow’s race named Pacu Jawi (Pacu = race, Jawi= Cow) to celebrate harvest season. This culture tradition still less popular than its cousin Karapan Sapi from Madura island of East Java. The different is Pacu Jawi use a pair of Cows and done in muddy wet land, compared with dusty land in Madura. They jockey must maintain both cow run in a straight line with faster time. Not easy.

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Best time to visit Sumatra is from May to October

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