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First of all, the idea of visiting London is always filled with excitement but then the thought of staying in the third biggest city of Europe...

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Only recently finding out about Couchsurfing during my stay in London, this concept quickly got me hooked. It's the world's largest...

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Top Places To Visit 8 Spots

Tower Bridge

Contrary to popular belief, Tower bridge is not London bridge. London bridge is an ordinary-looking bridge that was built in 1973, and is walking distance from borough market. Tower bridge on the other hand is located at Tower hill tube station and is painted in white, blue and red for Queen Elizabeth II's silver jubilee in 1977. And because it spans across the River thames, it's extremely windy and cold during winter (there's a Starbucks on the lower south side of the Thames if you need to grab your cuppa warm joe to bear the chills).
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Tower of London

I was right on time for the Yeoman Warder Tour – a hilarious hour-long tour of the Tower’s highlights – packed with stories of blood and gore and equal doses of hilarity. Learnt a ton! I dutifully stopped by the bling first. This is the kind of structure I wish every chronological museum had to aid dimwits like me. A regular channel to walk through with just one side of display without artifacts being all over the place. Anyway. The bling did not disappoint! The Cullinan diamond (the largest in the world, from Africa) sat pretty in the Monarch’s Scepter with a Cross (the others being Scepter with a Dove and the Orb with a Cross), and the Cullinan II was in the Imperial State Crown (the one used for State Ceremonies). The Koh-i-Noor sits in King Edward II’s crown, still used today as the official coronation crown. I was quite impressed with how close one could get to the actual working jewels and regalia on display. Sparkle took on a whole new meaning, much like what it meant in fairy land when I was seven and the world was still filled with wonder. I ambled along next to the Fusilier’s Museum, much of which I did not follow, except that it was a military regiment in the Tower. I then headed to the White Tower, the first Tower built in this swarming fortress, to the Royal Armories Display. Along with the military prowess dating back to Henry VIII, the architecture of the preserved Tower was dark and dreary and gave it a certain “First Tower” air. I then meandered along the Wall Walk, taking in a few small tower sights. As I strolled out of the Tower of London, I ran smack into a postcard view of the Tower Bridge. Phew. You pretty, pretty thing. I took my classic walk across the bridge and gawked up close at the architecture.
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