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Montego Bay
We flew into Montego Bay and then traveled about two hours to Saint Catherine by rental car to get to the Airbnb. Side Note: My parents were born and raised in Jamaica and are used to the bends and curves of the extremely narrow rods there. If you are nervous when it comes to driving on the side of a cliff with 90 degree bends and no guard rails I would stick to a beach side all inclusive resort. But if you like adventure and don't mind taking the risk (because it is extremely risky) I would rent a car and explore. Yolo. It was a convenient location only an hour to half an hour ride to where ever we needed to go. Mainly because there is a new highway that was built maybe 5 minutes away from the Airbnb. The fair on the highway was about 5 dollars to drive all the way to the Montego Bay area.While in Jamaica we stayed at an Airbnb called "the greens at Caymans" in Saint Catherine Jamaica which I loved when I first arrived but as the days went on I noticed many things there that I was not pleased with and decided not to leave a review for the location. But you will see the location featured in the vlog as well.In the video I give a brief tour of the rooms. There was the master bed room, two guest rooms, a kitchen, laundry area, and two full bathrooms one of which was located in the master bed room. The Airbnb was secure in a housing sub division behind one manned gate and a second automatic gate. I learned there was a tennis and basketball court and also a swimming pool there as well. All of which I did not get a chance to explore. After all the excitement of the day I was well prepared for a good nights sleep. We woke up and made callaloo banana and ackee (which is a fruit) for breakfast. Ackee is typically made with salt fish but my plate consisted of all vegetable because I, my dear friends, am a vegetarian. I don't eat any type of meat including fish and other swimming sea creatures. After breakfast we use the local road to get to my aunts house. There she showed me how to clean ackee appropriately. Ackee is a deadly food if not prepared correctly. Apparently there is some type of gas that builds up in the fruit until it pops the outer casing and gets out. If you eat the fruit before this happens you can die, or at least thats what I have been told. So after it pops you can collect it from the tree then you can clean it and cook as desired. After leaving aunties house we went to the super market to grab essentials like water food for the week and toiletries. We then made our way back home to cook and prepare for he next day.
Our stop in Bluefields on the south coast of Jamaica was spontaneous. This was part of our 2-day, 9-parish trek with no agenda. Actually our only agenda this day was to tour the Appleton estate and rum factory but because of all these little gorgeous places to stop we never did make to Appleton! Our stop in Bluefields lasted only about half an hour and it’s a part of the island I’ve never even touched before. It was enough for me to want to go back and stay for a while and cover more of the area. I did notice some absolutely beautiful big homes in this area. I’ve heard about the south coast and have been to the rich town of Whitehouse but never spent any time there. It’s definitely on my list.
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