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The bus stops at Spello on way for breakfast....

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We settled to ride up to Spello the other day and called it a night, kept another 160kms to Kaza for the sunrise....

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Reckong Peo, Himachal Pradesh 172107, India
Kinnaur Kailash, Dhar Gara, Himachal Pradesh 172107
Ashique Park to Kinnaur Kailash Shivling to Ashique Park (19-20 km)Again, there are two points on the way to Kinnaur Kailash peak from Ashiqui Park: Bheem Dwar and Parvati Kund. The distance between Ashiqui Park and Kinnaur Kailash is about 8-10 km which should take about 7-9 hrs.Bheem Dwar is about 4 km from Ashique Park at an altitude of 12400 ft. The first part of the this trail is a steep climb of about 2 km. This should take about 1.5 hrs. However, the next part is downhill. Bheem Dwar is a small cave under big stones. It is an ideal place for camping because, one: plenty of available water, and two: it can accommodate about 10-12 people at a time.The next point on the way to Kinnaur Kailash is Parvati Kund. There is no source of water in between Bheem Dwar and Parvati Kund. The trail from Bheem Dwar to Parvati Kund is about 3 km and should take about 3 hrs. The first half is a vertical cliff of about 1.5 km and the last half up to Parvati Kund is covered with rocks, boulders, and snow. Parvati Kund is a small glacial lake at around 9843 ft.Parvati Kund to Kinnaur Kailash peak is the last part of the trek. It is a vertical climb of around 2.5 km which should take about 3-4 hrs.The way to Kinnaur Kailash from Parvati Kund is full of moraines. There would also be some small stone tunnels and caves on the way. There is only one route from Parvati Kund to Kinnaur Kailash marked by stone pillars.
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Delhi to Narkanda (420 kms)Everyone was itching to escape the dreadful heat of Delhi and get some respite in the sedative ambiance of the hills. And hey presto, as soon as we entered the ghats, the weather turned misty and greeted us with incredible spectacle:

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Bus to Kaza leaves early morning at 7 am from Peo bus stand. Since its a day long journey, tickets with seat numbers are issued an hour before the bus departs. The bus stops at Spello on way for breakfast. You can try the parathas at Little Tibet cafe at Spello. The road then turns from bad to worse until you reach Pooh. The road can be dangerous for bikes as there are stones falling from above and constant road work going on here. The route after Pooh gets very scenic with red mountains without any vegetation and water flowing below. There are many small villages that come on way. Beautiful mud houses with apple orchards around.

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