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One of the most terrible experiences in New Zealand was the 1-hour ferry ride from Bluff terminal to Stewart Island, the southernmost island in New Zealand. It was raining that evening and the sea was rough, turning the ferry ride to a crazy roller coaster ride making me sea sick. I hoped and prayed to reach Stewart Island in one piece. I was pretty upset with the rainy weather since I was planning on staying only for one night at Stewart Island. Late at night, a few of us went to the playground nearby to spot Kiwis. Kiwis are nocturnal flightless birds, that come out of their burrows at night to feed on insects and worms. They are highly sensitive to human scent and usually refrain from coming out when they smell human flesh. However, the Kiwis in Stewart island are not very shy and the probability of spotting a Kiwi here is quite high. Stewart Island is also one of the best places in the world for star gazing. The people of Maori in New Zealand have a specific name for the Island known as Rakiura which means Glowing Skies. The secluded setting of the Island lays a good foundation for viewing the sky. The fact that it is sparsely populated accounts for its lack of light pollution. I would like to believe that I saw the entire Milky Way galaxy that night along with the seven constellations and billions of other stars. Wow! What an unforgettable night - still so fresh in my mind.With the Almighty's grace, I woke up to a pleasant weather the next morning. Considering that it rains for almost 250 days a year at Stewart Island, I was indeed fortunate to have woken up to a rain-free sunny day. I was all set to hike to the Acker's point and the Observation rock. The hike was fantabulous and the pictures do no justice to what I captured with my eyes.

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Best time to visit Stewart Island is from September to March

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