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To get a real feel of U.K., do not miss out on Cotswold....

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Whiteshill, Gloucestershire, Stroud GL6 6AE
Stroud, Gloucestershire, UK
Half-timbered houses I thought were exclusive to Normandy. The reason why they are half-timbered is because the wooden boards are made from wood and the white finish is from timber. The way Andy and Rachel navigate-using maps, showed the stark contrast between living in the old-age and new-age, as the GPS system silently overtook the traditional ways of navigation. Don’t remember the last time Dad used a physical map to navigate. On our road trips to Malaysia when i was in my early teens?
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Rocks used to build houses are distinct to every town in Cotswold. Spotted this ugly doll (below) while cruising down an unchartered path on my day out hiking. Creepy huh? I suppose it serves the purpose of a scarecrow, except this is used to scare its own type.

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