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White River, Blaskogabyggd
In this video, we cover the 3rd part of our travel. We started from our small farm/guest house in a small village about an hours drive west of Selfoss. The day's itinerary was to cover the famous Gulfoss - a really wide rapid waterfall, and the Strokurr geyser - that periodically erupted, throwing out hot water from the earth below. it was the first time in our trip that it was pretty sunny, and we were lucky to witness the rainbow over Gulfoss - something that amazed us greatly.
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But the welcome stopover at Vik, where we got some hot traditional Icelandic soup and food was rejuvenating. We continued through the evening to reach the famous waterfalls - the Skogafoss and the Seljalandsfoss. Standing behind a waterfall was something I hadn't experienced before till I was at Seljalandsfoss. Continuing our drive, when we finally reached out stop for the night, it was already past 2:00 am. But who would have guessed... the sun was still up in the horizon!
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