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But the welcome stopover at Vik, where we got some hot traditional Icelandic soup and food was rejuvenating. We continued through the evening to reach the famous waterfalls - the Skogafoss and the Seljalandsfoss. Standing behind a waterfall was something I hadn't experienced before till I was at Seljalandsfoss. Continuing our drive, when we finally reached out stop for the night, it was already past 2:00 am. But who would have guessed... the sun was still up in the horizon!
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Our day started slow, with some cooking in the camp’s kitchen and then we left off for the trip around what Iceland refers to as it’s Golden Circle, the very first stop being the Geysir, a town after which the word “geyser” has been named as Geysir. It was the first known geyser to the Europeans. The place boasts of an array of beautiful geysers, one of which (Strokkur) is active and blows up every 10 mins, the area is quite commercialised with many restaurants and a big shop that even sells original fox fur. A visit to Geysir surely ticked off one item from my bucket list which was taking a bath in geothermal water, since I was left drenched post one of strokkur’s eruptions. However, it did prepare us for our next stop, the rainbow marked Gulfoss.
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