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This trip was a completely ad hoc one for me. My husband had to attend a conference in Orlando. So we just booked the flight tickets and hotels...

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BLOC Hotel Gatwick

Bloc Gatwick opened it’s doors in March 2014, smack in the middle of Gatwick Airport’s South Terminal. It is the second Bloc property, their first is in Birmingham, and both are modelled after the Japanese pod-style hotels. Simplicity, technology, modern, no-frills. Signs for Bloc Gatwick in the South Terminal are plentiful, and I had no problem finding the hotel. When I arrived to check-in, staff were helpful, courteous, and had no problems answering any question I had regarding the room or airport itself. he security line is only a 30 second walk from the hotel check-in counter, and if you are flying an airline that allows you to check your bag early- you can literally wake up and go. The South Terminal has a great selection of restaurants, shopping, and a grocery store- and when you stay at Bloc Gatwick you receive great discounts or perks at most of them. (i.e. Free glass of wine at dinner, 10% off your order, and so on.) The rooms are accessible via an elevator directly next to the check-in counter, your room key also gives you access to whatever floor you have been assigned. Our room was on the 8th floor, at the very end, which I can only assume has one of the best views- so ask for that one! I may have actually let out a gasp when I walked into the room. Not because it was incredibly luxurious and wowed me (we will get to that later) but because the view from the wrap around windows in the room directly overlooked the runway. The Kid and I hurriedly threw our luggage down and went to the window, our noses almost pressed against the glass, watching airplanes land and fly away. For a girl who loves airports, I had just found my sanctuary. The room itself is cozy, but more than sufficient. I was glad that they hadn’t set up the bunk beds in our family room just yet, as we got to see how one little room could transform into something else in an instant. Check out the before and after pictures, the room went from business traveller to family in an instant.
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