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Europe Trip

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About Svalbard

And when I say land’s end, I literally mean beyond any land on earth, all the way to the Arctic region just 920 kms from the North Pole, where it’s just sea and ice all around, far far away from even the remotest island.Everyone has a dream destination, or an idea of it, however vague it be, the kind of place that wants us to leave everything behind, go out into the world, look deep into our hearts and find out what it truly wants and then go for it. For me that place has always been the North Pole. Be it the quintessential image of a polar bear digging out a seal from the burrows in the Arctic sea ice, or a giant blue iceberg floating by the side of the ship or the beauty of a majestic fjord, something has always drawn me towards the North Pole. And somehow, last year the pull got so strong that I could no longer resist and caved in. Thus began the greatest adventure of my life so far!The travel window for the Arctic is limited to roughly between June and August, due to the extreme cold and lack of sunlight for the rest of the year. After much deliberation and fairly extensive planning, I finally managed to book an expedition cruise to the Arctic for 11 days in July 2016.First of all, the Arctic isn't a very well defined place, loosely speaking anything north of 66° latitude is part of the Arctic region and that would include parts of Russia, Scandinavia, Greenland, Canada and Alaska. So you can visit the Arctic from any of these places. One of the most popular destinations in the Arctic, and the one I visited, is an archipelago called Svalbard, which is a part of Norway but located quite north of the mainland Norway.

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