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Tada is a relatively little known among regular travellers. This is a pity considering that its greenery, waterfalls and hills make it the perfect destination for picnics, treks and hikes. It is however, becoming more and more popular with adventure lovers, as this is the only trekking spot available close to Chennai. Tada is home to the beautiful Tada Waterfalls, which are located around 15km from the Tada railway station. Though there are no proper directions that you can follow to get to the falls, following the small stream should set you along the right path. After crossing the stream, leaves and stems will show their face everywhere, and you will also come across a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. Soon after you will arrive at the plunging twin falls. Tada town is located in Andhra Pradesh, around 65km from Chennai, on the Chennai-Nellore highway. Staying the night is not really necessary, but if you would like you, there is limited accommodation at Sullurpeta.
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Trekking in Tada
Trekking in Tada

Located on the border of Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, there is a seemingly unknown town called ...

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#CoffeeWithTripoto: A Trek to Tada falls

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