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Backpacking Through Madhya Pradesh

At Jhansi station just at the border of Madhya Pradesh, a bit worried about how I would reach...

The Travellist
1 Day
Coorg (Kodagu): A day break affair

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A guide to climb the top 6 treks in the Scotland of India

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Tiger Reserves In India: Top 15 Places That Are Perfect for Tiger Spotting

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Adete Dahiya
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TalaCauvery - Serene place among hills

Random plan was hatched up to hit the road. The place on today's menu was "Tala Cauvery" which is...

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Bandhavgarh: A Wild Sanctuary

Seeing a tiger in the wild had been a daydream of mine ever since I was a city confined boy watch...

Karandeep Mehra

Best time to visit - N/
One of the most colourful and indiscreet cities of India, Varanasi is one of the seven holiest cities for the Hindus. Al...
Early in the morning I boarded my flight to Raipur via Hyderabad, and reached to the destination at 9 am. I decided to w...
Best time to visit - November- March
This is a town in the Chhattarpur District of Madhya Pradesh. Mainly known for the ancient Khajuraho Temple Complex, thi...
Best time to visit - January,February,March,December
Allahabad enjoys the prestige of being one of the four holiest spots of India and thus host Maha Kumbh in every 12 years...
Best time to visit - January,February,March,August,September,October,November,December
If you like history, culture and nature, then you will love Jabalpur. Located in Madhya Pradesh, the city has a lot to o...

About Tala

Tala is a small village right on the lip of the sanctuary. People often breeze past it, it being nothing more than a collection of mud huts, with inhabitants who seemed to me rather amused by the flood of people who went cheerily and loudly into the forest. But Tala is beautiful, it has a one or two small tea shops run by locals and its pleasant to sit there all the while looking at the mud huts that were the inspiration for the large and ostentatious resorts that tried to mimic the charm. There were no places to stay here right in the village, the resorts which all have been named based on some permutation or combination of tiger or trail lie ahead, which on reflection seemed good, it would be horrible to see this place suddenly eroded by more people than it was meant to handle.

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