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Backpacking in Malang

Perjalanan 3,5 jam dengan menggunakan mobil. Bila menggunakan angkutan umum bisa mencapai 6 jam. ...

Nindi Nabila

Kedung Tumpang Beach
Desa Pucanglaban, Tulungagung
Lowo Cave
Jl. Raya Bandung-Prigi, Watulimo, Trenggalek 66382
Sanggar Beach
Dusun Ngelo, Desa Jengglungharjo, Kecamatan Tanggunggunung, Tulungagung

Surabaya means – The courage to face the any danger or any difficulties. This spirit makes the city what it is today. Wi...
(One usually does not find a lot of information on Mount Semeru on the internet and one reason I chose to write this blo...
We flew into Solo the night before, and started the first day's activities first thing in the morning. The candis (templ...
We reached Banyuwangi at 7 pm and headed straight to our Airbnb. Ibu Hjanies was an excellent host. I would strongly rec...

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