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Sand? Check! Sun? Check! Bali being, probably, Indonesia’s most famous destination offers both and more! With a rich cultural and religious...

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, Tegallalang rice terraces...

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Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking

Yes, this is hard work ; Especially trekking at 3 AM in the morning and all I can say is , IT IS WORTH IT!. I packed like a girl with flip flops and no sports shoes and I still managed to trek in the loose volcanic sand and stones for around 1.5 hours to 2 hours. I could see people flashing their torch light at my silver shiny disco flats as they panted and overtook me. But meh, same destination. I met them all up there and saw the same sunrise they did. Raw beauty of nature intimidates me and that is what happened there. Just staring straight ahead while the sun was rising was all I needed to be at peace with myself for rest of my trip. Please pack proper shoes and a nice light jacket to face the chilly wind up there, unlike me.
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Umajati Retreat

I arrived in Bali two days prior to my stay at the Umajati Retreat, wanting to see the island on my own terms, I decided to rent a scooter. After all, this was my very first solo travel experience. I'm so happy I opted for this mode of transportation, it felt so freeing to just drive wherever I chose to. No schedule...no worries. Just me...Bali...and my bike. The drive to the Umajati Retreat was pure magic, zigzagging through tiny backstreets, over narrow ravine bridges, and through lush paddy fields, I couldn't have painted a more scenic route. The closer I got to the retreat, the more pronounced its signature terra cotta roofs rose from a sea of greenery. Stepping onto the retreats grounds, I was equally enamored. I meandered through the coconut grove entry path, filled with spectacular blooming orchids of varieties I had never seen. Waiting to welcome me at the paths end were proprietors, Jean Howe & William Ingram (Made Pung 3rd founder). They are the kind of people you want to sit with, have some tea, talk of distant places, rich cultures, and stories of their well-traveled lives. Jean and William are apart of Umajati’s authentic soul; this wonderful environment they’ve painstakingly crafted is a true gift to experience.
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About Tegallalang

Woodworking villages North of Ubud, are woodworking villages of Tegallaland and Jati, where generations of families are involved in the wood working and carving process from beginning to end. The intricacies of the carvings are phenomenal and range from the highly ceremonial to the phallus shaped bottle openers – a quick buck from the tourists. Each village tends to specialise in a particular theme – like animals, figures, or concepts that are more abstract. Indeed the settings of the villages in itself is worth going to, and seeing even the children carve and sand, makes you totally in awe of their gifts.

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