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Once you reach Kuala Terengganu, you can take a cab to the jetty....

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The sights, sounds and tastes of a cosmopolitan city, and the train ride that took me to Kuala Lumpur....

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Destination 3 – Perhentian Islands (Apr 19-21)On the morning of 19 April we landed at the Kuala Besut bus station. Upon reaching the bus station, this guy was selling us ferry tickets to Perhentian (pronounced as per-hen-tian and not per-hen-shian). Price: Two way return ticket for RM 35 per person, with no fixed return date, you can return on any day you want.The Perhentian Islands are a collection of majorly two islands – small and big. The small island is where you need to be. That’s because the small island is where all the fun is. Further, on the small island there are three beaches. Interestingly two of them are opposite to each other (located on both sides of the neck of the small island). Out of these two, Long Beach is where you need to be. We accidentally landed up at the Long Beach and upon visiting the other one, realized that luck was on our side. It is a white sand beach with clear untouched waters, a pretty view of the big island in front and good beach shacks with great food and enjoyment in the evening.Place to stay:Upon reaching at the small island at 8am, I began house hunting on the beach, saw all major places to stay with a comparison of their prices. One key thing about the chalets at this island is, at most of the places there is no electricity till about 7pm. The electricity is available only from 7pm to morning 8am or so. There is no or little grid connectivity to these remote islands, hence no electricity in the day.At a few places where there is electricity for 24 hours, I chose D’Rock. The place is a little pricey but has beautiful sea facing huts with balcony for you to enjoy the sea view during the day.Budget: RM 150 per night (prices change as per season)Things to do: a. Snorkeling Trip: Out of everything else at Perhentian, this is the one I would recommend a 100 per cent. The islands are famous for their clear waters and snorkeling in these clear waters give you a scintillating view of the marine life and the corals living underneath. You will end up seeing beautiful fish, strange fish, sea cucumbers, nemos, turtles and even sharks. Even if you have never done snorkeling, do give it a shot. With RM 50 per person as the price, this trip is totally worth it.b. Fire Show at Night: At the long beach there is one specific shack where there goes a fire show every night. Hard to miss if you are taking a walk on the beach under the stars.c. Scuba: If you are the adventurous kinds, you can try out scuba as well. Price we paid: RM 200 per person.d. Walk to the other beach: Do take a walk to the other beach. It’s rare to come across a place where you can see sunrise on one beach and sunset on another!Word of caution: The sun at the long beach is sharp, very sharp. In fact the sharpest I have ever come across in my beach experience across India and now Malaysia. So much so that by the time we came back from Perhentian Islands, we had become four shades darker. Do keep your strongest SPFs if you are going out during the day, and hope that they work!Perhentian Islands are the most beautiful islands of Malaysia and there is a reason these islands are full of foreign travelers on weekdays and local people on the weekends. As per me, a trip to Malaysia is complete only when you visit the serene beauty of the Perhentian islands.After spending two nights at Perhentian, on 21 we resumed our journey back to Kuala Besut towards the western part of Malaysia – the island of Penang.We took the night bus from Kuala Besut bus station to Penang bus station. Bus price: RM 50 per person.
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Redang Island, 21090, Terengganu, Malaysia
Palm-fringed beaches, pristine white sand, clear blue water teeming with colourful marine life - That's why! Not undermining the beauty that is Langkawi, but if you're truly seeking to be closer to nature sans the crowds, Redang island is a great alternative. And if that's not reason enough for you, let me tell you this - South China Sea is a vision in blue! No matter which part of the island you put up at, the picture postcard-like views will not disappoint. And the best way to enjoy this is to obviously sit back and spend a lazy afternoon on a beach chair while sipping on fresh coconut water, and letting the breeze lull you into a siesta! But if you're one of those who likes to remain active, the island offers plenty to keep you busy.Diving/Snorkelling
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