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The Abode Of Snow: A Journey To Goecha La

Every day you come across so many travel quotes that keep knocking your News Feed on the social n...

Riyanka Roy
11 Days
Goecha La -10days inside Kanchenjunga NP (INDIA)

Goecha la trek is an awesome trek. The trail and camp areas are cool. During winter the chill you...

1 Day
8 Hidden Treks in North-East India That Real Travellers Need To Explore

The North-East of India is undoubtedly the most ignored and undiscovered part of the entire natio...

Sreshti Verma

Gurudongmar Lake
Lachen, Sikki
Gurudongmar Lake, also noted as Gurudogmar Lake, the lake is named after Guru Padmasambhava, otherwise called Guru Rinpo...
Rumtek Monastery
Rumtek, SK, India
The Rumtek Monastery also noted as the Dharmachakra Center, is a gompa situated in the Indian state of Sikkim close to t...
Banjhakri Water Falls
4 Km From Gangtok, Gangtok 737101
Banjhakri falls is a remarkable touristy spot in Sikkim. There is very popular story behind this spot and its name. The ...
MG Marg Market
M.G. Marg, Gangtok
"M. G. Marg otherwise called Mahatma Gandhi Road or MG Road is a street which is viewed as the town focal point of Gangt...
Dzongri La
Yuksom Dzongri Trek is one the most mainstream short high elevation trekking destination in Sikkim. Dzongri trek is a sh...
Temi Tea Garden
Temi Tea Gaeden, Tarku-Damthang Road, SK, India
The Temi Tea Garden set up in 1969 by the Government of Sikkim spreads over an area of 440 acres. The greenery enclosure...

Best time to visit - March,April,May,June,October,November,December
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Best time to visit - March,April,May
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Best time to visit - March,April,May,June,July
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Best time to visit - March,April,May
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Best time to visit - February,March,October,November,December
The city of Jalpaiguri is located in West Bengal on the banks of the Teesta River, at the Himalayan foothills. It is a m...

About Thangsing

25.10.2016Woke up at 4:00 hrs and had to climb to the dzongri top early in morning to see the perfect surise. The trail was narrow and beautiful. It was a 2HR climb  and was worth it. From the top you could see lamune, the last camping site and the mighty kanchenjunga peak was visible.We came down to the camp site at dzongri at 8:00hrs , freshen up , had breakfast and started our trek for thansen.Today was a 8hr trek and the views were the best today.First we had to climb this peak with a steep incline which was pretty tough but I did it.Now came the beautiful meadows. They were green, orange and red colored with the beautiful sunshine above the views were amazing.Now after around 2 and half hrs of meadows came small waterfalls. Green little trees and bushes and water going through all of them. Water was all around and we were jumping on rocks to cross it, occasionally stumping my foot in water and slipping and balancing myself back. I cannot explain how beautiful it was in words. I don't have the pics of that time yet. Then came a decline trail, not too steep , more or less plains with fog all around.It was magical.Then came narrow paths with water going through it, it was slippery. On my right side was steep mountain with water sliding through it, on my left was steep downward decline with brownish red shrubs. Now came a steep downward decline to a big waterfall. The decline was a 2hr trek through dense forest. It was just as if I was in another world, I saw things that I cannot believe myself. The dark green shrubs and curled up trees and bails and huge rocks and occasional small waterfalls through the way.The decline was tough but somehow I managed to do it. From here the next camp site wasn't far.At the valley of this peak was a cottage and this place was called kokchurang. We sat here for a while, refueled ourselves and started the trek again.Now we crossed two waterfalls and then we had to climb up this another peak for like another 1 and half hr.The waterfall was beautiful and besides it was a range of huge and by huge I mean freaking huge rocks covered with green algae or some type of grass(not sure) and more over the whole scenery was covered with light fog. And so the scene was magical. It was imaginary. I sat there at the edge overlooking this scene, tired as hell but feeling the view. I was eating my lunch at that time. I kind of felt alone at that moment and also realised that we humans are so puny in front of nature. I was deep thinking. Then came harshali, she sat alongside me and we both were eating pulav rice(lunch) and enjoying the view.I don't know weather it was the view or it was real but I felt kind of attached to her and attracted. I didn't say anything(must be infatuation). We are good friends.(Shouldn't be confessing things like these here 😝😝)Then came the trek leader and others, I continued the trek up the hill and soon others caught up to me. And we continued the trek together. Now as we reached the peak the trail was huge rocks, had to cross them, then we trekked alongside a waterfalls and then reached THANGSING . It was covered with clouds and was freaking cold . Couldn't see anything in front. It was thrilling though!We stayed till night in the cottage at this camp site talking about stuff of all kinds and debating about different subjects. At 1600hrs it was snack time .. got pakodas for snacks. They were delicious.At this time I was tired and sick of mountains , I was having a little bit of home sickness and had blisters all over my sole of feet. I was even missing facebook and snapchat 😂😂😝.And now the weather was getting worse. Our trek leader announced that if the weather stays this way the next day also, we would have to forfeit the trek and return back. It was 0℃ and windy and at night it was -4℃.Everyone had dinner at 20:00hrs and went to sleep .THANGSING :3,932m

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