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After falling in love with the lake we had to drag ourselves away to visit the gorgeous natural bridgestone of Semuc Champey and explore the Mayan ruins in Tikal....

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Chastened, I continued on to the stunning Mayan ruins of Tikal in the north, then explored the country's Caribbean coast at Livingstone, with its colorful and unique Garifuna population; but soon it was time to think about home....

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Top Places To Visit in Tikal 8 Spots

3, Guatemala
Journey back in time to explore the lost city of the Mayans in this mystical National Park
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3, Tikal, Guatemala
Its name resonating like that of a voodoo ceremony’s Tikal is ruins of Mayans that is imbedded in the womb of Guatemala rain forest. Also occupying a spot in the UNESCO World Heritage sites, Tikal is a picturesque setting with lush green backdrop and beautiful old ruins of Mayan dynasty. Remains of dwellings are scattered throughout the surrounding countryside and Tikal National Park boasts a rich array of wild animals especially large cats like jaguar and puma. Serves the purpose of both, a history lover and a nature enthusiast.
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If you're going to Guatemala or Central America a trip to a Mayan ruin is almost obligatory. In Guatemala there are tons of sites with the majority of ruins still buried and eaten by mother nature. However, for the most spectacular of sites Tikal is the most recommended. This can be done over one day but can be extended to longer trips especially if you are into archaeology. During a tour you're likely to see and hear howler monkeys, spot spider monkey and come across coatis (a raccoon like animal). The area is also great for birders as toucans can be seen. Of course the best time to see these animals is early morning before the sun, heat and humidity start. Tours start in the town of Flores and offer sunrise tours. Given the hostility of the jungles that the Mayan civilization put themselves in most sites are still covered up by the trees and the vegetation that grows in the area. Excavations are an on-going process but the maintenance for the main sites is already overwhelming. While experts have different opinions on the numbers it's said that 80-90% of the Mayan structures has yet to be uncovered. If you are adventurous enough to go deeper in the jungle guides can easily organize this for you.

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