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Well, much as I was hoping to be proved wrong, Timisoara didn’t exactly change my views....

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My idea was to start from the West of Romania namely from a place called Timisoara then travel through the alluring region of Transylvania and Carpathian mountains, followed by a visit to the legendary Transfagarasan highway and end my journey at the capital Bucharest which is in the south east of the country over a period of 22 days....

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Bulevardul Regele Ferdinand I, Timisoara
Work actually started in 1902 even though it was supposed to start in 1857 (my sister has a ‘Time Theory’, which talks about how the same time can mean such different things to different people. So while in 1857 Bishop Andrei Saguna was taking the initiative to construct this church, my people were furiously fighting for our country’s freedom with the Sepoy Mutiny of 1857!!)
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Academician Alexandru Borza Street, Timisoara

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After shivering in the snow for a few hours, I gave up on couch surfing and went to find a hostel. Quick Google search + Google Maps, and twenty minutes later I was in front of Hostel Costel. THANKFULLY they had room, and the hostel was nice and non creepy (that’s not something I can say about the hostels I stayed at in Rome. Shudder!!!).

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