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Taolagnaro, Madagascar
We had the opportunity to meet Limbiraza (SORO) our guide for the day, who showed us around town, but what made this different, was the fact that he let us into his home, we met his whole family which consists of his Mom, Dad, 2 Uncles, 2 Aunts, his Wife, 2 kids and his brothers who all stay together, as they believe that having your family together caring for each other is worth more than all the money in the world. Afterwards we spend 4 hours playing, Ringe-Ringe Rosie’s, Under the bumble bush and Rock, Paper, Scissors with the local kids on the beach – priceless! We visited the villages were we gave out more of the stationary. He then took us to his home, walking through narrow paths, where we met his friendly family! SORO told us that they are very blessed to have their whole family living in such close proximity, as family is more important than all the money in the World
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PNM Angao, BP 73, Fort Dauphin


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