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I started from Toulouse early morning via a train from the Toulouse Matabiau station....

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I won’t say travelling was my childhood dream or I always wanted to travel in my life etc......

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7 Rue Saint-Léon, Toulouse, France
Just north of Montpellier is the region’s most popular wine region and a beautiful area for walking and exploring. Wine tours (information at Montpellier tourist office) can be arranged for about €90 or if you’re braver, save your money, rent a car and drive around stopping off and asking to try some wines, then fill up your boot with your purchases. If wine tasting isn’t your thing the walk up Pic St Loup is incredible, offering one of the best views in the area.
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7 Rue Saint-Léon, Toulouse, France
We decided, because we’re now locals of course, to take matters into our own hands and just do our own wine tour and spend the money on actually buying the wine. Armed with a map on the ipad, a car and friends, we went with the intention of trying and buying local wines for the wedding. Our designated driver tasted every wine but swallowed none, while the rest of us tasted and then swallowed everything. (Thanks mate. We (he) will totally drive next time, promise…)
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