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Greece, Mikonos 846 00, Greece
Getting There : Take a ferry from Santorini port.
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Agios Ioannis, Mikonos 846 00

About Tragonisi

Diving and snorkeling to Tragonisi island cavern/cave system is one of the most popular dives. Tragonisi is a small rocky island, just a few meters east of the island of Mykonos. Everybody can admire a unique marine environment among the different chambers/tunnels. Yellow sea anemones are exclusively found in this area. Caverns diving is the exploration of permanent, naturally occurring overhead environments while remaining within sight of their entrances. Tragonisi is a protected nature reserve and a haven for the Monachus monachus seal. Diving at the “Seal Cave”is addressed to experienced divers and only upon request. Its a unique dive due to possibilities for a closer encounter with a Monachus monachus seal.

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