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For those who have been avoiding Thailand for being super mainstream, modernised and a probable tourist trap, you've got it all wrong....

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Thailand- If you are just starting to travel all by your own, I bet Thailand is a good place to start....

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Koh Chang, Thailand
I made my way to this blessed island and discovered mountains of various personalities. The quiet, heady, dark and exciting. Marvellous, crazy, unexpected and mild- much like the foods on my list, and the clean Buddhist life at odds with corrupt squalor. Thailand: a moving vestibule of yin and yang. Seriously, this place is magnetic and it's not just the parties. For those of you who don't know about Elephant Island, it's the second biggest in Thailand, has served as a station in wars during the twentieth century and has only become a traveller outpost in the last twenty years.
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Ko Bai Dang ตำบล เกาะช้างใต้ อำเภอ เกาะช้าง ตราด 23170, Thailand
The second dive spot was known as Koh Bida Nok. This site is known for massive schools of yellow snappers. Our dive instructor told us that on certain days, these fish would form a shoal of thousands. There would be a joke amongst divers that the visibility in this area was really bad because when you would swim through a shoal, you would not be able to see a thing. That's how many fishes you could see on a good day. We were supposed to be doing our navigation dive over here. On the day we were diving, the visibility was bad (3-4 metres) and the currents were really strong. This was the perfect environment to do compass navigation, something I really dread. It was a nightmare to navigate in such bad visibility because you would not see a thing anywhere over three metres away. Personally, I never understood how a compass works and would always get lost. Getting lost in such bad visibility was a scary experience. Even though we say a lot of fish, this dive was by far the worst for me because I really messed up with the navigation drill.
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