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Thailand- If you are just starting to travel all by your own, I bet Thailand is a good place to start....

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Thailand is not exactly short of beautiful beaches and islands but finding an undeveloped island is not always an easy task....

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Top Places To Visit 3 Spots

Ko Mak Trat Thailand

Koh Mak is the more peaceful alternative to its bigger neighbour Koh Chang. While the larger Koh Chang offers a diversion for less adventurous tourists, those prepared to travel a bit further will be rewarded with a smaller and much quieter slice of paradise. Privately owned and with a virtually non-existent crime rate it’s known as a very safe place to take your family. While there are plenty of places to stay on Koh Mak (and even a diving school), you won’t have to share with too many others.
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Koh Chang Trat Thailand

I made my way to this blessed island and discovered mountains of various personalities. The quiet, heady, dark and exciting. Marvellous, crazy, unexpected and mild- much like the foods on my list, and the clean Buddhist life at odds with corrupt squalor. Thailand: a moving vestibule of yin and yang. Seriously, this place is magnetic and it's not just the parties. For those of you who don't know about Elephant Island, it's the second biggest in Thailand, has served as a station in wars during the twentieth century and has only become a traveller outpost in the last twenty years.
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