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32 Days
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Cicli Andrea Lenzini
Viale IV Novembre 30/A, 31100, Treviso
Hilal Circolo Culturale
Viale Monfenera 14b, 31100, Treviso
F.A.S.T. Foto Archivio Storico Trevigiano
Via Cal di Breda, 116, 31100, Treviso
La Vera Terra
Via Girolamo da Treviso 5, 31100, Treviso
Cereria Torri
Piazza San Vito 7, Treviso

Do not spend more than two days over here because it does not have any of the major sights. Known as the fashion capital...
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About Treviso

Before leaving Treviso, I certainly fulfilled my promise to myself of going back to the places that I had visited on my first stroll through the city. Treviso fulfilled all my expectation of what Italian nightlife should be like. Crossing bridges across flowing waters and watching twilight change into evening in the city was a magnificent experience. In the evening we saw some tango dancers on the roads and despite being close to midnight the piazza was teeming with people having fun.

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