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After leaving Treviso, I stayed for 3 weeks at Liguria in Italy....

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A sweeping view of the countryside dotted with castles, vineyards, and ancient Roman ruins, a gorgeous valley nestled under the majestic Mont Blanc, chalets offering warm Italian hospitality, and a social calendar taking travellers on an cultural overdrive; this is Aosta Valley, one of Italy’s best kept secrets....

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Weekend Getaways from Treviso 

We reached Milan by 5 PM in the evening.It was a great trip that took us back in time.

About Treviso

Before leaving Treviso, I certainly fulfilled my promise to myself of going back to the places that I had visited on my first stroll through the city. Treviso fulfilled all my expectation of what Italian nightlife should be like. Crossing bridges across flowing waters and watching twilight change into evening in the city was a magnificent experience. In the evening we saw some tango dancers on the roads and despite being close to midnight the piazza was teeming with people having fun.

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