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The combination of snow cover and sunshine, the city of Tromso, the ninth-largest urban area in Norway by population, is an experience of a lifetime....

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Starting off my trip from Copenhagen we flew all the way up to one of the northernmost region of Norway- Tromso!...

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Sollivegen 12, Tromsdalen, Norge
First morning look out of the hotel window and my boiler suit. It was a day trip to ride the cable car up to Fjellheisen. The tramway is particularly busy in the summer months, when it is popular with cruise-ship passengers wishing to get a good view of the midnight sun. In winters, the cable car operates from 12 pm till 10 pm if weather conditions are not too rough for comfort. Down when we came, by this time, the snow had come down hard, so we headed to Egon, the restaurant next to my hotel and had a discussion over the Aurora chase and the Fjord over lunch. Geologically speaking, a fjord is a long, narrow inlet with steep sides or cliffs, created by glacial erosion. Tromso is packed with culture and history and surrounded by mountains, fjords and islands. The weather was snowing light flurries, but eventually it really got heavy. But it was worth the ride to see the view and visit the various fjords.
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Sondre Tollbugt. 11, Postboks 900, Tromso 9259

About Tromsø

Tromso- The City of Northern Lights and also know as the Paris of Norway! A small lovely town islandwhere you cannot just ever get bored. The city has so much to offer whether its summer or winter, day or night. I went for the Aurora Chase tours for 3 consecutive evenings and on my last visit, it was the first time I saw the Northern Lights- The Aurora Borealis with my own eyes which I had always seen in photos! The feeling is just inexpressive. Thanks to Northern Shots Arctic Guide Services & Green Fox Guiding for offering us an unforgettable Aurora chase experience. I also took a dog sled ride and visited a husky farm where there are more than 300 husky dogs and some pups as well. Tromso Villmarksssenter is the best to have your husky sleds. Also, if you want to enjoy the stunning views of the whole town just take the cable car all the way up and you can see a spectacular view!

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Best time to visit Tromsø is from April to August

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